HSS Early Career Representative

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It is an honour and a privilege to be the first elected Early Career Representative (ECR) to HSS council. I am thrilled to be your representative for the period 2020-2022. My primary responsibility as ECR is to speak on behalf of the graduate student and early career community in the council meetings of the History of Science Society (HSS) in order to represent our interests and ensure that our voices are heard.  

Above all else, I look forward to leveraging my enthusiasm, my leadership experience, and my contacts within HSS to foster the development of a more inclusive, cooperative, and collaborative academic community so that we can use our presence in council to effect positive change in our profession.

But I cannot do this alone. I am counting on all members of the early career and graduate student community to share ideas, to express concerns, and to tell me what HSS can do better. We fought to have a place at the table and now I want to make sure that we use it.

The Early Career Representative (ECR) has three primary responsibilities:

1) to present the thoughts and concerns of the graduate and early career community to the HSS Council;

2) to speak and comment on matters brought to and discussed in council from the point of view of this community;

3) to convey pertinent information directly to this community on behalf of the council.

Utrecht 2019

Background: At the 2019 annual meeting of HSS in Utrecht, the Graduate and Early Career Caucus (GECC) brought a motion to council proposing the creation of a new elected position: the Early Career Representative (ECR). The ECR is explicitly and expressly tasked with speaking on behalf of the graduate and early career community in Council meetings.

GECC moved to create this position for two reasons. First, there had been no formal mechanism in place to facilitate the exchange of information between the members of the Graduate and Early Career Community, our Caucus (GECC), and the rest of HSS as an organization. All communications had previously been ad hoc and due entirely to individual initiatives, which were difficult to sustain over extended periods of time. Second, though HSS had made and continued to make an effort to recruit younger scholars for council, this initiative had not generally been successful. We at GECC wanted to ensure that there will always be someone speaking on our behalf in council and serving as a liaison for our community.

The motion approving the position was passed in July 2019 and the first election was held in November/December of the same year. 


I would like to strongly encourage members of the graduate and early career community to contact me with suggestions, comments, and thoughts concerning the matters and issues that they would like to see brought to council.


I can be reached at  kpalmieri@uchicago.edu

The Lewis Chessmen - British Museum - 2019